Member Hosted Sessions: Ben Stern, Executive IT Specialist, IBM


About the Speaker


Ben Stern is an Executive IT Specialist with IBM. He has 15+ years of experience working with IT Service Management products. In his current role, he defines Best Practices around the deployment and utilization of IBM’s Application Performance Management and IT Analytics products.

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Retaining Customer Loyalty through Customer Experience Analytics and End User Experience

  • Session Id: 4459A
  • Date: Wednesday, March 22
  • Time: 8 - 8:45 AM 
  • Location: Breakers D

Customer loyalty is becoming a thing of the past. If customers don't have good experiences using a website or mobile application, they will quickly find a better website/vendor. In addition, they will quickly go to social media to complain about their experience. To retain customer loyalty, you must ensure that customer-facing applications are available, performing well, and are easy to navigate. Two different IBM teams will present how IBM's Application Performance Management and IBM Customer Experience Analytics can be used together to solve this problem. By bringing together application navigation/usage analytics and detailed performance characteristics, you can ensure that your applications are exceeding expectations.

Migrating from IBM Tivoli Monitoring to IBM Performance Management

  • Session Id: 1435A
  • Date: Wednesday, March 22
  • Time: 4:15 - 5 PM 
  • Location: Breakers D

This session focuses on migrating from IBM Tivoli Monitoring version 6 to IBM Performance Management version 8. It will provide you with best-practice recommendations on how to successfully migrate to the new monitoring solution. The discussion will include approaches and tooling designed to make the migration process smooth and avoid disruptions in service.

Best Practices for Monitoring Your Cloud Environment and Applications

  • Session Id: 3677A
  • Date: Wednesday, March 22
  • Time: 1 - 1:45 PM 
  • Location: Breakers D

You've completed the heavy lifting of migrating applications to the cloud. But you're not done yet. What is your monitoring strategy for the cloud? What are the best practices to monitor the cloud infrastructure, deployed applications and user experience? This session will answer these questions, and explore the various IBM APM and Analytics offerings while sharing customer scenarios to help you weigh different approaches. Having a comprehensive monitoring strategy is critical, as most customers use a combination of public and private cloud environments. Finally, this session will discuss strategies for monitoring cloud native applications that use microservices and are extremely dynamic, using approaches like Docker and autoscaling.

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring Best Practices

  • Session Id: 1436A
  • Date: Thursday, March 23
  • Time: 9:30 - 10:15 AM
  • Location: Lagoon E 

This session will focus on providing best practices for the creation and execution of synthetic transaction monitoring. The use of synthetics will ensure that business applications are meeting SLAs, and will help customers determine whether performance problems are being caused by networking issues or the back-end infrastructure. Synthetics can be used in traditional IT operations, but can also be used in DevOps scenarios by monitoring the response times of APIs. One of the topics covered will be the use of monitoring within IBM Bluemix and instrumentation of the APIs that make up the applications.

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