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Connect with the newest active members to the IBM Middleware User Community! You've probably already seen them helping out fellow members by sharing expertise in the Global Groups, but now it's time to learn a little about their profession, passions, and hobbies!

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Michael Barton

Michael Barton

Mike Barton is a Senior Manager at PNC. He manages several teams that are responsible for supporting PNC’s application middleware platform, with the primary platform being WebSphere. Mike has been in IT for over 25 years (4 years at PNC) and has a background in application/project implementation and support.

In his “spare” time, Mike likes to volunteer his time at Habitat for Humanity, the local high school, and his favorite: The NFL HOF Weekend! Mike has worked as a security guard for the Hall of Fame weekend festival for 6 years (Parades, the Gold Jacket Dinner, Fashion Show…) When not working and volunteering, Mike enjoys spending time with family … and resting.

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Anthony Crain

Anthony Crain

Anthony has 23 years of IT experience and is passionate about portfolio management, metrics, and agile transformations. He has been participating and leading agile transformations for 18 years and likes to create reusable assets to help future clients embrace the agile mindset. He uses ideas from spiral, rup, scrum, kanban, dad, and safe practices when crafting solutions with his clients. Anthony speaks and keynotes at dozens of conferences, writes for Tech Beacon online magazine, and has consulted in many industries including utilities, banking, automotive, healthcare, financial, government, retail, automated controls, manufacturing, telecom, home mortgage and more.

He also applies to be a food network star once a year. While not a good multi-tasker in the kitchen, his food is yummy and he wants to teach people how to make cooking for one an amazing and waste free experience. So far... he hasn't received a callback, but he'll keep on trying every year.

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Martins Falokun

Martins Falokun

Martins is a certified IBM WAS Administrator at a Pan-African bank in Africa. He has over 10 years cognate experience in systems support, development, and integration across public and private sectors in Africa.

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Andy Hershberger

Andy Hershberger

Andy is an IBMer. He currently works with customers using IBM Maximo, Tivoli, SPSS, and Sterling branded software. Andy uses the Middleware community to learn what he can about Maximo and to find subjects of interest that he can share with his customers on social media. He has been putting cameras on remote controlled flying things since 2000 and would like to think he knows a thing or two about "drones".

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Thanks for the welcome.

August 11, 2017 10:41 AM by Andy Hershberger

Thank you for the welcome. I'm learning much from the experts I find in this community.


August 11, 2017 12:37 PM by Kristen Meren

Thank you all for participating! Hope to see lots more of you in the community!

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