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Originally posted in the IBM In The Making Blog Series on December 15, 2017 | Written by: Alise Spence, Twitter: @alisespence
Earlier this month, IBM announced a new on-premises offering called IBM Cloud Private. An innovative and revolutionary Platform as a Service offering, IBM Cloud Private incorporates the best of open source tools, including Kubernetes container orchestration, with the unique IBM values that enterprises need to be confident in a secure, compliant and performant private cloud platform.
With native support for IBM Power Systems, Cloud Private further sets itself apart from the competition. This combination is critical for several reasons: 
  • Developers can create blazing fast apps by deploying cognitive services on hardware optimized for the work at hand, for higher container density and better throughput. 
  • Apps that integrate new cloud-native apps and services with core business data on enterprise Systems can be co-located with near-zero latency.
  • Data center administrators can deploy Cloud Private on their choice of Power servers including the IBM Hyperconverged Systems powered by Nutanix, LC servers and enterprise servers with PowerVM.
Let’s take a closer look.
Create fast apps with optimized hardware for higher container density and better throughput 
The core business benefit of a properly configured cloud environment is efficiency, a key component of which is delivered by platform performance. Optimized for cognitive services, Power Systems can deliver faster insights with fewer system and effortless horizontal and vertical scalability. They offer 2x better price/performance per core on average compared to other hardware platforms for data-intensive workloads like MongoDB, as well as 10x price/performance for AI workloads like TensorFlow and Caffe, when leveraging GPU accelerators.
And with multi-architecture support for Docker containers, developers can easily control and automate which platform to deploy specific containers to for best results.
Integrate modernized cloud-native apps and services with core business data
Top enterprises use Power Systems for their most critical business data. Frequently, industry or government regulations are forcing them to find ways to make data more accessible while maintaining their required data security and availability. IBM Cloud Private on IBM Power Systems enables enterprises to create or modernize applications, while providing tight integration with the critical data that applications require. By co-locating apps and data, clients will see near zero-latency when integrating with data stores managed in Linux, AIX, or IBM i environments.
Deploy new cloud native apps on choice of infrastructure, including IBM Hyperconverged Systems powered by Nutanix
IBM Cloud Private runs across the entire IBM Power Systems portfolio, POWER8 or above, requiring a little-endian partition running any flavor of Linux. Clients wishing to leverage existing systems or skills can deploy Cloud Private into PowerVM LPARs. Clients looking to maximize performance for AI or Data Scientist workloads can opt for bare metal support on OpenPOWER systems. And clients looking to build out new infrastructure in support of new services can get the fastest time-to-value with minimal effort using IBM Hyperconverged Systems powered by Nutanix.
The IBM Cloud Private for Power Systems Starter Kits makes it quick and easy to get started.  These kits offer implementation guidance that helps organizations to get up and running quickly on their choice of Power Systems infrastructure: OpenPOWER scale-out, enterprise servers, or hyperconverged. When ready, clients can leverage a choice of service-optimized Power Packs, which are Reference Architectures to expand compute capacity and deploy production-ready HA clusters.
Click here to learn more about IBM Cloud Private and try the software, or click here to learn more about cloud solutions like IBM Cloud Private on IBM Power Systems and download a solution brief.
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