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Sessions at InterConnect

"Will anyone recommend some good sessions to attend at InterConnect that might be Cloud Management related?"

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Help with date & time format in Watson analytics

"When I load it into Watson Analytics, the date is automatically separated into 3 different columns: one for day, one for month, and one for year."

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Export full list of patches in Fixlet Compliance

"Fixlet Compliance by Computer Group (v1.7) generates only 1000 rows [out of 4000 rows] of missing patches when used in Firefox. Anyone know of a method to export full list of patches?"

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Mpgw Probes

"Is there a way to turn off all mpgw probes? Anyone else already doing this? Any pointers or advise would be appreciated!"

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Create string columns > 64 characters

"I am trying to create strig columns with greater than 64 character length for Process Variables in PDW. Is this even possible?"

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IBM data power experiences and knowledge

"Hi All am trying create a new group for sharing the IBM data power experiences and knowledge."

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Traditional Profiles

"Do the Liberty and WAS Traditional profiles share (any) code base?"

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Active Directory Controller

"I need to restore an Active Directory Controller image, how do I insure that all Active Directory Structure(s) are correctly and fully restored?"

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