Stay Connected at InterConnect (Even if You Can't Attend)

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If you’re unable to make it to the InterConnect 2017 conference in March, no worries! You might not be in sunny Las Vegas, but there’s still multiple ways to stay connected to all the latest happenings, sessions and news from InterConnect2017. And hey, even if you are going, these are great resources to ensure you make the best of your time while you're there. 

Check out the InterConnect Hub

This is where you’ll find all the info you need about InterConnect 2017. See which of your colleagues are hosting sessions, trending topics and the IMWUC InterConnect  discussion forum

Tune in to IBMgo

IBMgo lets you get in on the InterConnect action, even from halfway across the world. It’s a live, on demand extension for IBM Global Conferences. It’s free to register and allows access to all content. There’s live streaming of the conference available as well as replaying of past sessions!

Connect via Social

Join the conversation via social media! Stay on top of the latest tweets and posts throughout the conference with regular updates and pictures! Make sure to follow these Twitter handles and ‘Like’ these pages on Facebook.

facebook-1-big.png Facebook

twitter-2-big.png Twitter

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