The New Year is Here, But Past Questions Linger: Check Out Pressing Conversations From 2017 and Share Your Knowledge!

2017 was a year of lively collaboration in the Global Group forums! Did you have had a chance to login and join a conversation? Make a resolution to share your knowledge with fellow IBM users by providing your thoughts on one of the questions below! With over 1,680 threads in 2017, there are a few remaining questions that could use your input.  

Lend members a hand by sharing your knowledge:

TADDM 7.3 Change History?

I would like to be able to get a report (CSV) of all the changes which have taken place to all the Computer System CIs since the last scan. My main option seems to be to use the Change History function. However, I cannot work out how to set up a query to get all the Computer Systems up at once (rather than type by type), nor to be able to select them at more than 20 at a time. Has any one been able to do this?

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Even IBM/Rational Can't Do PKI? Seriously?

I have heard that while DOORS 9.6 can be PKI/Smart Card enabled, that even the folks over at IBM can't get this to work using the information THEY provide. Is this true? I have been told by a co-worker that it has been about 7 years and IBM Rational has not been able to get this working. PLEASE HELP! I have a requirement for this to be implemented across a CITRIX VDI platform. 

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RDS Users and Group Import?

We are using RDA 6.0 and RDS 5.2.1. There is a requirement to create 100+ groups and 500+ users into it. Could you please let me know how best we can achieve this? Thanks in advance!

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Move WebSphere Portal Cluster to Another Hardware

We have WebSphere Portal 8.0 in a cluster of two nodes. Node 1 also has the DMGR. There is a need to move the current setup / clone to another box. As part of this exercise, the new servers will have different IP address, but the host names will remain same. Wondering if someone has done this and what are the issues? Any reference / suggestions?

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App Connect APARs & App Connect Professional POTs

I'm looking for a list of App Connect APARs so I know what issues the fixes on Fix Central address. In addition, I'm looking for a POT for App Connect Professional. I love POT's they give a lot of the information I need all in one place. If you know where I can get POTs for App Connect Professional, API Connect, IIB10, or ITX that would be great. 

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Do You Have Plans to Migrate Your IBM Middleware Workloads to a Cloud Environment?

Do you have plans to migrate any or all of your IBM Middleware workloads to a cloud environment? If not, why not? Which types of cloud environments are you considering (Public, Private, Managed Private) and why? What are the key determining factors in the decision to move a workload to the cloud? 

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IBM Spectrum Protect for Databases v7.1.3 For Our Oracle ERP?

We run IBM Spectrum Protect for databases v7.1.3 for our Oracle ERP. When we replicated these large (2 to 3) terabyte databases they transfer in only one session since they're essentially only one file, however we back these up using 5 channels. It take a serious amount of time to move these to our offsite even though bandwidth is not an issue. Worst, when we run a restore for testing from our offsite it takes, as you can imagine, 5 times as long. Is there any way we can replicate forcing more sessions to be used with the RMAN channels?

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Sonar Tool to Analyse IBM BPM Code?

I wanted to check if Sonar tool can be used to analyze IBM BPM code? Any pointers on this will be helpful. Thank you!

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