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How Are Other Companies Using TEM & Which Modules Are Most Beneficial?

I’d like to know how TEM is being used with other companies and what major projects have they implemented. Specifically, how are other companies using the products and which modules of the product are most beneficial?

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How Can TADDM Help Map Applications/Business Services?

I am seeing many customers adopting loosely coupled systems based on REST API services. How can TADDM help map these applications / business services?

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How to Sort By Ascending or Descending Order in TCR

In TCR, how do I configure a column so that clicking on the name of the column can be sorted in ascending or descending order?

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Timeline to Bring Full Functionality of Application to Single DASH Environment

What is the timeline / roadmap for bringing full functionality of application into a single DASH environment? In this case, all the latest applications are installed on the same versions of WebSphere, JassSM, and DASH.

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Do You Have DevOps Kernel or Core?

Are you using containers in your development and production? Any application in cloud, public or private? Do you plan on moving some of your production to cloud?

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Creating Processes is Causing Backlogs

I’m currently working with a Business Systems Manager who has never worked in facilities and is very process driven. Creating processes for everything can take up to months and then causes backlogs. I would love a way to handle these requests efficiently and effectively – please share any knowledge and advice.

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IBM Script Portlet Issue on Chrome Newer Version 64, 65

I would like to get your thoughts and experience when facing an issue where IBM Script Portlet is not rendering the page whenever we try it on Chrome (newer versions 64, 65). Older versions like 22, 25, 40, 60 etc. are able to render the content onto the page. Would you kindly share your views on this issue?

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Agent-Based Deployment Automation Tool vs. Agentless Solution

In the administration point of view, an agent based solution adds a lot of new services to be monitored (deployment agents). Otherwise, we have a better scalability and security in this scenario. I want to know the perspective that usually has more relevance in other companies.

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Thanks for this thread.

April 7, 2018 02:09 AM by Glen Brumbaugh

Thanks for posting this "reminder" thread.  I was able to refer back to someone a provide a little help.  

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