We'd Like to Introduce Some of Our Newest, Active Members!

Connect with the newest active members to the IBM Middleware User Community! You've probably already seen them helping out fellow members by sharing expertise in the Global Groups, but now it's time to learn a little about their profession, passions, and hobbies!

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Marcel Pineda

Marcel is an IT Architect at IBM. Pineda has been working with Monitoring tools (for 15 years total - 6 years working with IBM Tivoli Monitoring) and Event Management - Netcool / OMNIbus (3 years), implementing new monitoring/event management infrastructures and monitoring agents for different customers. Marcel uses the community to search about ITM / Netcool related topics and join training sessions to improve his knowledge about those tools and also new products.

Pineda enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, and is a motorsports fan, so he loves watching races on TV and live (at the circuit).



James Fair

James helps companies, particularly in the facility management and oil & gas sectors, which need to improve their work and asset management practices and systems.  Having worked with Maximo since 1989, typically Maximo features in some shape or form at every client he serves.

A particular interest of Fair's at the moment is how to turn all the hype about IIOT into something of genuine value to his customers, with the challenge being how to apply the technology to use cases which are directly applicable to the two industries he primarily serves.

Philip Cheshire

Philip Cheshire is the Innovation and Mobile Practice Leader for Asponte Technology, Inc. He is responsible for new and emerging technologies and how they can benefit new and existing customers. Philip has over 10 years of experience within the Digital Experience suite of products, WebSphere, mobile development and architecture, and Agile Framework adoption and implementation. Prior to joining Asponte, Philip worked for several major insurance and retail companies as a senior solutions architect providing his employers with high performance custom solutions for their customers needs. 

When Philip is not heads down creating solutions or playing with emerging technologies, he's spending time at the race track. Philip is an amateur racing enthusiast who jokingly says, "You can live in your car but you can't race your house." He holds an SCCA E Street Prepared National Championship Tour medal from 2009, an epic win where his car's transmission died crossing the finish line. When not actually driving, Philip enjoys attending professional motorsports events such as the United States Formula One Grand Prix in Austin, TX, 24hrs of Daytona in Daytona Beach, FL, and the 12 hours of Sebring in Sebring, FL. Given Philip's interest in IBM Watson and AI in general, he has taken a special interest in the new Formula E Championship series and the upcoming 2018 autonomous racing series where autonomous cars powered by artificial intelligence will compete against each other. He has motorsports in his veins and Java code for muscles. 




Stefan Gocke

Stefan's main area of expertise is consulting and technical training (POWER AIX, virtualization, performance clustering, then IBM storage - HW and SW, Spectrum Protect(TSM) since it was called ADSM and now a lot of Spectrum Scale and some other topics). Gocke is always trying to find good explanations to technical issues!

Stefan is very active in Spectrum Protect/Spectrum Scale/AIX/PowerHA and some Spectrum Computing projects throughout Germany and parts of Europe in training and consulting.



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