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ASAP University: Using Parameters, Variables and Variable Tables For Different Routes Through Automation

Wednesday, April 19
11:00 AM EDT



  • Rick Post, Workload Automation Team Leader, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Variables and parameters are objects to which you assign different values and are useful when you have values that change depending on your job streams and jobs. Job stream, job, and prompt definitions that use them are updated automatically at the start of the production cycle. In this webinar you learn how to reuse your scheduling definitions by leveraging variables as substitutes for repetitive values when defining prompts, jobs, and job streams.

Revolutionize Your Hybrid Cloud Deployments with IBM Cloud Automation Manager

Wednesday, April 19
2:00 PM EDT



  • Danny Mace, Director, Offering Management, IBM

  • Andre Tost, Distinguished Engineer, IBM

Manually configuring your cloud infrastructure for application environments can be a daunting task filled with errors, especially when dealing with multiple clouds. Have you stopped to ask yourself what's the best solution that can help you automate configuration?

Join this webinar to learn about the new IBM Cloud Automation Manager (CAM). As a multi-cloud management solution for deploying cloud infrastructure, CAM offers a simplified, cloud agnostic solution that uses open source to manage and deliver cloud infrastructure as code – allowing it to be reusable, placed under version control and easily shared with others. Product experts will share the value of this hybrid cloud automation solution, and how you can get started for free today.

WebSphere Liberty Virtual Proof of Technology (Session 2)

Tuesday, April 25
8:00 AM EDT



  • Alasdair Nottingham, STSM, IBM Cloud

  • Moderator: Lars Besselmann/Germany/IBM, Client Technical Professional,IBM Hybrid Cloud

WebSphere Liberty V17.0.0.1 is here! It includes fewer big changes, but many new enhancements. Perhaps the largest two changes in will be the ability to override application bindings and extensions in the server.xml, and support for configuring outbound SSL independently of inbound support. Some smaller enhancements include: spnego-1.0 now accepts raw Kerberos tokens, server logs can format dates using ISO-8601, server.env can now be read from usr/shared directory. There are also enhancements to batch, z/OS and our REST API doc support.

WebSphere Liberty will be delivered simultaneously through WASdev (https://developer.ibm.com/wasdev/) as well as directly through IBM Cloud. This release will be the first Liberty release that has a version of 17. We are incrementing the version based to 17 based on the year to 2017. In this delivery, we’re offering a variety of new capabilities. Check out the enhancements here: https://developer.ibm.com/wasdev/blog/2017/03/14/new-release-websphere-liberty-17-0-0-1/

Each quarter we host a free webcast to explain all the great new stuff and host a Q&A & labs session. During the Q&A and labs session developers from the WebSphere team will be on-hand to answer any questions about Liberty or help get you unstuck with any of the labs.


• Part 1: Executive summary: Liberty value and evolution
• Part 2: Technical deep-dive: what’s new in Liberty this quarter
• Part 3: Labs with live support plus Q&A

Join us to learn about Liberty, the latest function, and to see for yourself how it can help build your Java apps and micro services.

Note: This session is a repeat of the Liberty Virtual Proof of Technology from April 12th. (https://engage.vevent.com/index.jsp?eid=556&seid=89330&code=IMWUC)

Best Practices for Monitoring Your Cloud Environment and Applications

Wednesday, April 26
1:00 PM EDT



  • Ben Stern, Executive IT Specialist, Monitoring and Analytics Best Practices and Technical Evangelist, IBM

  • Jacob Yackenovich, Architecture Strategy & Product Evangelist, Application Performance Management (APM), IBM

With the evolving landscape towards cloud, IT Service Management (ITSM) has to change as well to stay relevant. This session will highlight work done by the Cloud Architecture and Solution Engineering (CASE) workstream on Cloud Service Management and Operations (CSMO). CSMO refers to the entirety of activities – organized in persona, processes, and tools – that are performed by an organization to plan, design, deliver, operate and control IT and Cloud services offered to customers. We will cover reference architectures for CSMO, and its solutions for Incident Management and Problem Management. We will show the tool chain implemented by CASE using relevant IBM and 3rd party capabilities. In addition to the tools, we will further present the impact of Cloud on processes and the organization. In closing, the recent addition to the Bluemix Garage offering for Service Management is presented, supporting clients in this transformation 


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