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Ask the Experts: A Guide to WebSphere V9 Migration from Planning to Completion

Tuesday, February 28
10:00 AM EST



  • Ray Scott, WebSphere Development, IBM Cloud

  • Cheryl King, WebSphere Application Server Migration, IBM Cloud

This webinar is to help you successfully plan and complete a migration to a newer version of the WebSphere Application Server. The overall migration process requires careful planning and administration in order to maintain compatibility for your current applications. This session covers migration planning and best practices, and both configuration and application migration considerations will be covered. You will also learn about different migration strategies, including the new V9 clone strategy. This session pertains to WebSphere Application Server versions 7.0 and beyond, and includes a live demo for you to better understand the technical aspects, migration resources and support available for WebSphere V9.

Why You Should Attend the Open Technology Summit at InterConnect 2017!

Wednesday, March 1
1:00 PM EST



  • Angel Diaz, IBM VP, Cloud Architecture & Technology

  • Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow, VP, Blockchain Technologies

  • Jason McGee, IBM Fellow, VP and CTO, IBM Cloud Platform 

Mobile, cloud and big data /analytics are three trends that are changing the way that we interact with our customers, business partners and colleagues. Capturing the value from these interactions requires rapid innovation, interoperability and scalability enabled by an open technologies approach.

Senior execs from IBM will explain the importance of open technologies to your business and highlight the Open Technology Summit that is being held at InterConnect 2017 where you can interact with the industry experts and learn more.

Ask the Experts: Netcool OMNIbus Web GUI v8.1 Tool Prompt Configuration

Tuesday, March 7
1:00 PM EST



  • Stanford Madriaga, Software Engineer, IBM

In this Ask the Experts session, Stanford Madriaga will discuss Netcool OMNIbus Web GUI tool prompts. This session will include an overview of Web GUI tool prompts and a live demonstration of configuring a Web GUI tool prompt.

Microservices, SOA and APIs: Friends or Enemies?

Wednesday, March 8
11:00 AM EST



  • Kim Clark, Integration Architect, IBM

A comparison of key integration and application architecture concepts for an evolving enterprise.

Do microservices force us to look differently at the way we lay down and evolve our integration architecture, or are they purely about how we build applications? Are microservices a new concept, or an evolution of the many ideas that came before them? What is the relationship between microservices and other key initiatives such as APIs, SOA, and Agile. In this session, we will unpack what microservices really are, and indeed what they are not. We will consider whether there is something unique about this particular point in time technologically that has enabled microservice concepts to take hold. Finally, we will look at if, when, where and how an enterprise can leverage the benefits of microservices principles.

ASAP University: Discover How To Bring Scheduling to the Application Lifecycle – A User Experience

Wednesday, March 15
11:00 AM EDT



  • Roy Verweij, System Engineer for IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS and System Automation for z/OS, Belastingdienst

Workload Automation has always been a tough mountain for developers to get on top of. Usually the reserve of dedicated scheduling teams and operators, often it gets saved only for Production. Your developers spend their testing time running things manually and reinventing the wheel. Anything that heads to Production generally gets built by hand with the scheduling definitions often being "tested" by eye, or the first time they run.

IWS for zOS 9.3 introduced Workload Automation Programming Language (WAPL), which allows you to bring scheduling to the application lifecycle, saving Dev time and highlighting scheduling issues early. Many more things can be automated and integrated, such as clean-up and adhoc changes saving Ops time too.

Learn why and how Roy Verweij implemented WAPL at Belastingdienst and the impact it has had on his company.


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