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Recommended fixes for WebSphere and Portal

I'm searching recommended fixes for WebSphere Portal and can not find any resources on this topic. Could someone share any links they might have on this?

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IP address for Ethernet Interface 1?

I need some help setting up an IP address for Ethernet Interface 1. For some reason only a MAC address is populating, is there any way to show an IP address instead?  

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Web Process Designer?

Is there a way to configure your own smart folder in BPM 8.5.7 Web Designer? Is this feature only available in 8.6.0 upon upgrading?

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Upgrade Issues with ILMT 9.2. ?

Does anyone happen to know how to troubleshoot the “outdated catalogue” issues in the ILMT 9.2. dashboard? I recently upgraded, but keep encountering this error. 

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Clipboard Not Saving Format?

Here is my scenario:

When the user clicks a button in our GUI, they get a pre-formatted code snippet in a text-box. They have the option to click a ‘Copy’ button. This button uses the copy to clipboard function.

The issue arises when the user pastes the clipboard contents. The pre-formatted code snippet does not appear the same. Specifically, the line breaks are removed.

Is there a way to fix this so that the pasted text stays true to the original format? 

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Object Storage Error?

I am trying to configure an Object Storage in IBM BIuemix, however I keep running into an error message stating: "A problem has occurred while creating an Object Storage instance.” Has anyone experienced issue and/or knows of a resolution? 

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