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Storing Certificates with HSM Device?

Regarding the HSM device, is this device meant only for storing private keys, or can I use this to store certificates as well? 

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How to Enable the LDAP Feature in Liberty?

How do I enable the LDAP feature in Liberty?  

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Help Getting Correct Time in App and PC?

When attempting to call a Watson conversation in Bot framework (using c#) I am saving the present time as “context”:{“sysTimeNow”:””}. The timezone on my PC is UTC+01, but when I change it to UTC+3 and check what $sysTimeNow in Watson the time is correct. However, when I check in the App it reverts to UTC+00. Does anyone know what is going on? How can I get the correct time on my app and PC? 

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SQL and v8.1.3?

Hello, I am wondering if MS SQL v2016 is supported by APM v8.1.3, because we don't think we are upgrading to v8.1.4 any time soon. Thanks for any help.

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Are There Any on Prem to Cloud Migration Scenarios?

Are there any on prem to cloud migration scenarios say move cognos TM1 etc. to IBM cloud private and convert existing licences of client to a cloud model?

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Subscribing to an Event?

Are there any alternative methods for subscribing to a command topic in IoT Watson instead of doing so with a command topic subscription? 

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