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Access Custom Parameter Keys in Decision Center API?

I made a custom configuration parameter that looks like this:

Decision Center > Configure > Installation Settings Wizard > Step 5: Set Configuration Parameters > New ... custom parameter

However, I can’t figure out how to go back and access the custom parameter key (using Decision Center API). Does anyone know how I can do this?

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Will Micro Service Architecture be the Future of IBM Products?

In the era of cloud computing, platforms, software and infrastructure that are available as services, everybody seems to be looking forward to a micro service architecture, rather than procuring expensive software products. In this scenario, what do you think is the future of IBM’s software products?

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Innovations in DevOps?

Considering DevOps embraces more than simply Release and Deploy, what keeps you using IBM DevOps tools? Is there a particular innovation that you are excited about? Where can IBM innovate more or provide improvement? 

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RQM (373) Question When Using SQL Server?

How do you work around the number of project area limitations in RQM (373) when using SQL Server?

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Sensor Based Automated Work Task Creation in TRIRIGA using BlueMix and IoTF?

Temperature control is one of the basic parameters of Facilities Management that encompasses Air Conditioning, Heating, Boiler, and Chiller Services
in buildings. Automated Work Task creation, based on pre-defined threshold temperature values, can reduce the corresponding downtime and operating costs.  (See Attachment in Forum Post)

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