Websphere Integration UK User Group meeting
Calendar: WebSphere Integration UK User Group Calendar
Type: Public
Title: Websphere Integration UK User Group meeting
Group: WebSphere Integration UK User Group
Owner: Dave Wicks [DWix IT Services Ltd]
Start: Jun 26, 2017 04:00 AM America/Eastern
End: Jun 26, 2017 11:45 AM America/Eastern
Description: The WebSphere Integration User Group (UK) committee would once again like to invite you to their next UK User Group Meeting, which will be held on Monday 26th June 2017 at IBM Hursley Laboratories, near Winchester, the home of IBM's Hybrid Cloud Integration, Messaging and API technologies. This year the UK User Group has 5 streams covering the following topics: Hybrid Integration, Messaging, API Economy & Gateways, Cloud and Complementary Topics & Technologies, as well as a stream dedicated to topic specific User Discussions. It is always popular, so please book early, as space is limited!

The User Group keynote presentation on 'Hybrid Integration: A fundamental enabler for digital transformation' will be presented by Kim Clark, Integration Architect at IBM Hursley Laboratories. “As enterprises respond to the opportunities that cloud and cognitive bring, their IT architectures built over decades face their greatest-ever challenge. They need to support a new digital world where applications are created rapidly by a whole new generation of empowered users with diverse skill sets. Join us as we look at the ever-expanding and critical role that integration plays in this hybrid and omni-channel world—from the technology imperatives that keep you in the game to maximizing your opportunities by choosing the right hybrid approach”.

We have booked several Proof of Technology sessions on Tuesday 27th June 2017 and Wednesday 28th June 2017 at IBM Hursley for our core technologies. Proof of Technology (PoT) workshops provide a hands-on experience of the selected IBM technology. Participants will execute labs to learn about the capability provided by the IBM technology. The lectures and labs are designed to first cover concepts. Once completed, the agenda moves quickly into deeper domain capabilities. Please note that these events have limited numbers of seats, so please do book early, and will only run if there are sufficient numbers.

You can attend any combination of the three days, and as such each registration is dealt with separately:

Proof of Technology (PoT) - Day 1 – Tuesday, 27th June (one of):
• IBM Integration Bus v10
• IBM API Connect
• IBM Bluemix

Proof of Technology (PoT) - Day 2 – Wednesday, 28th June (one of):
• IBM Integration Bus v10
• IBM APP Connect
• IBM DataPower Gateway

Please note that PoT registrations will be closed approximately a week before the sessions will be held. A confirmation email will be sent at this time.

The WebSphere Integration UK User Group is an independent body made up of a governing committee of WebSphere Integration users. Our aim is to offer a forum for users to meet and learn from one another's experience as well as to meet and learn from the WebSphere Integration product experts.

These events are free, and a buffet lunch and beverages will be available during the day. To see the full agenda of the WebSphere Integration User group meeting - simple click on the link below:

If you have any questions, please reply to Tetti Pandelias (tetti_pandelias at uk.ibm.com).

We hope to see you there.

WebSphere Integration User Group Committee

Mike Wyvill
Chairman, WebSphere Integration User Group (UK)
Location: IBM Hursley
Link: http://www.mqug.org.uk
Registration Link: ibm.com/events/WIUG